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Our consultants maintain a strong and professional relationship within the various sectors of the Egyptian market place, and they have gained their respect and trust due to their commitment and professionalism.

Alkan Consult is currently comprised of the following divisions:
  1. Communication & Information Technology Division.
  2. Aviation Division.
  3. Commercial Division.
  4. Engineering Division.
  5. Railways Division.

Each of the divisions is affiliated with a number of reputable international corporations, providing them with consulting and marketing services and assisting them in penetrating the Egyptian market.

Our services include, but are not limited to:
  • Assisting our partners in obtaining complete and accurate information related to the Egyptian market.
  • Assisting our partners in the negotiation phase to secure their best interest and minimize claims against them.
  • Undertaking services and activities on behalf of our partners on subcontracting basis.
  • Coordination between our partners and customers.
  • Regular reporting to our partners on the Egyptian market place, and future opportunities.
  • Following up an all financial issues on behalf of our partners.
  • Researching for local manufacturing opportunities for our partners.